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Shaping your community initiative and cultivating mentoring relationships.

Our mentoring resources provide mentors and volunteers of community mentoring projects with worksheets and reflective exercises as they embark on identifying the most effective ways to address the needs of vulnerable and at-risk people in their communities. 



Community Consultation
Community Consultation Index

This Community Consultation Framework describes how you can undertake a Community Analysis, reviewing your communities' needs, your mission, your team and their giftings, means to collaborate with other community programmes, and your desired outcomes and results.

Containing template forms and practical tools, you will be facilitated to confidently ensure that you are providing a real service need to your community. Carrying out this exercise will also assist as part of funding you may wish to apply for.

Young People Street Safety
Young People Street Safety Index

This guide serves as a resource for parents and mentors regarding the issues of grooming, gangs, and their associated risks. In this guide, we define grooming and delve into the reasons motivating young people to become involved with gangs, examining their home environment, personal circumstances, and community influences. This guide also highlights indicators that may suggest a child or young person is either undergoing grooming or has become affiliated with a gang. It will then explore strategies for providing essential support. Lastly, this guide will look at the legal aspects of gang participation, possession of knives and firearms, and the regulations surrounding 'stop and search'.

"Working with our Nicodemus trainers has helped us focus our future development as a charity and provided us with encouragement and reassurance that we are on the right path."

 Eden Westwood Community Project 

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