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Nicodemus has a heart and passion to engage churches and community groups with relevant resources that equip mentors and programme team leaders to serve the most marginalised and at-risk young people through mentoring relationships that cultivate and inspire lasting positive outcomes. 

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Equipping you

We are deeply committed to equipping individuals with the essential skills and resources needed to create and grow effective mentoring programmes.


Our courses not only provide training in practical mentoring skills and characteristics but also tackle social issues such as child sexual exploitation, homelessness and abuse. By addressing these critical issues head-on, we strive to empower mentors to make a lasting, positive impact in the lives of their mentees, creating a safer, more supportive community for all. 

Our resources

At the core of our resources lies the invaluable knowledge and experiences of young people who have themselves faced the challenges of living on the streets, growing up in residential homes, or residing in marginalised communities marked by mental health issues and generational poverty. These individuals, who have successfully broken the cycle and become community leaders and mentors, serve as the driving force behind the development of our mentoring training series and resources. Their inspirational journeys motivate us to equip and empower churches and community groups with relevant and topical resources to make a meaningful impact. 

"Receiving mentoring helped me not to fall when I was at the point of doing so. Mentally the pandemic affected me a lot. Needing to stay at home with family was not easy. Now I feel a lot better. When I feel like I’m going to fall I know my mentor is there to lift me up. I have learned to never give up."

Pedro, Mentee

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