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To see communities standing together to relieve poverty: so, every individual can experience life in all its fullness.  


Our vision is a just world where every young person is free from the crippling effects of poverty; a world where young people experience healing by participating in breaking the cycle of disadvantage in their world, creating a ripple effect. 


Inspired by our Christian faith, Nicodemus’ mission is to rescue, restore, and revive broken lives by equipping and empowering communities with the necessary skills and resources to overcome disadvantage and inspire positive change.


We will support your organisation with the delivery of: 

>  Online training courses.

> Reflective worksheets and resources to support your mentoring.

> Online forum.

> In-house and online workshops .

> Retreat space and team building at our Manor Barn Training & Wellbeing Centre.

Our Story

Based in Oxhill, Warwickshire and Guatemala, Latin America, Nicodemus began in 2012 with a commitment to supporting marginalised children, young people and families. Our work has since grown through the delivery of bespoke training courses, equipping practitioners with the necessary skills and resources to develop and deliver effective mentoring projects. 


We equip organisations with relevant training and one-to-one support in our ‘Improving Mental Health through Mentorship’ training series. We accompany you as you acquire learning, develop your strategy, and implement your mentoring project initiative; enabling you to obtain growth and sustainability as you make a lasting change in your community. 


Alastair & Debbie Welford


Alastair & Debbie founded Nicodemus in 2012. They had run several different businesses (farming, food, IT, property) which they sold to focus on Nicodemus. They have been involved with support of marginalised young people for 25 years both in the UK and in Guatemala. Alastair was a board Trustee (chair for 6 of 10 years) of an international NGO working in Latin America before Nicodemus.

Whilst visiting Latin America in 2012 they encountered young people who Alastair had seen rescued from street life, cared for in homes and some returned to their families after leaving care who, at the time of their visit, had returned to street life. This really concerned them and they were both deeply convicted to reach out to this profile of young person for which there appeared to be a ‘gap in support’ as they transition from children’s homes to adulthood.

They are both driven by the enormous potential they see in marginalised young people and want to do all they can in as effective a way as possible to see young people realise their full potential, and in turn, become community activators themselves, qualified by their own experience to reach out to others in similar circumstances as they once were.

Alastair and Debbie recognise the need to focus on cascading their acquired knowledge to others to ensure that the maximum amount of influence on young people's lives takes place. Training and supporting others, younger than themselves, they believe, is the best use of their time now, both in the UK and Latin America!

Our Team

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