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Child Sexual Exploitation

CSE Introduction FREE
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Course Description

As children spend increasing time at home isolated, lonely, and struggling with their mental health, they quickly become vulnerable to being pulled into and exploring a dangerous world perceived as offering potential opportunity to them. A large majority of at-risk children are turning online and are becoming vulnerable to perpetrators wishing to expose and involve them in grooming, gangs, crime and anti-social behaviour, sexual exploitation, and drug running across county lines.


How can we, the church and frontline community mentors and workers, support our communities facing this crisis? How can we support vulnerable families and communities following an intense period of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown during which many young people spent high numbers of hours unsupervised online? In which ways can we build strong relationships with at-risk children, just as those gangs and the perpetrators are doing?

7 training videos / 79 minutes total


7 Participant Guides


Watch training videos at your own pace


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Individual and group purchase packages

Produced and launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, this course contains references to increased and more prevalent challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Individual and group purchase packages:

  • 1 Participant - £45.00

  • 3 Participants - £129.00 (£43.00 per person)

  • 6 Participants - £248.00 (£41.33 per person)

  • 10 Participants - £399.00 (£39.90 per person)

For more than 10 Participants please call: 02071 128341 or email:

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course, each participant will have explored: 

  • An introduction to and definition of Child Sexual Exploitation.


  • The challenges of working effectively with children, young people, and families, particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Factors in the household that “push” a child towards a street lifestyle and external factors from outside that “pull” a vulnerable young person to explore a dangerous world of perceived opportunity.


  • The grooming process: online and offline.


  • Key signals and warnings to be aware of when spotting the signs and the abuser.


  • Preventative measures that help to educate and raise awareness of profiles of perpetrators.

Training Videos

Introduction to Child Exploitation

What is Child Sexual Exploitation?


Push & Pull factors


The Grooming Line

Spot the Abuser


Spot the Signs


Be Aware

Participant Guides
(Available to download upon purchase of this course)

What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

Push & Pull Factors


Spot the abuser


Charlie’s story

Spot the signs

Back off!


How to stay safe

Who are the courses for? 

Course participants of our Specialist Mentoring Training Series represent diverse backgrounds and ministry goals - they are volunteers, mentors in training, church youth workers, project managers, NGO field practitioners, youth leaders, Pastors, short-term and long-term missionaries, school teachers and more. 


How much learning time is required from me? 

This course will take approximately 8 hours to complete.  


How long will I have to compete the course? 

You can complete the course at your own pace, as long as you complete it within one year of purchase. 


What methods of learning are used? 

The course consists of 7 online training videos and participant guides with associated resources and activities for you to work through and complete. You will also be invited to attend optional online and in-house group workshops to further your learning. 

Who is the course led by? 

The course is led by our Delivery and Development Manager, Sophia Lipska. You can read more about her background on our 'About' page.


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