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Foundational Specialist Mentoring

Purpose of this course FSM
FREE Introduction to Foundational Specialist Mentoring

Course Description

This course will broaden your knowledge and awareness of mental health and social issues so you can better understand the key issues facing marginalised individuals in your church and community. Drawing upon effective mentoring and coaching techniques, this course will equip you with the practical tools you need to be able to strengthen discipleship relationships and cultivate effective and trusting connections with your mentees - ultimately improving the longer-term opportunities for marginalised people. 


Mentoring is needed now more than ever. In this time where poverty and mental health has surged, at-risk individuals suffer from a lack of emotional and relational support. This leaves them even more vulnerable to adverse issues including abuse, addiction, homelessness and exploitation.  

8 Training videos / 156 minutes total

3 Reconstruction videos / 21 minutes

7 Participant guides + Glossary

Watch training videos at your own pace

Access to Online forum

Individual and group purchase packages
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Mentors can play a valuable role in the lives of vulnerable people. This course will support you to create safe and trusting relationships based on our hope in the Gospel: to become a positive support and role model for mentees, empowering them to realise and achieve their potentials so they can go on to bring about change in their lives.

Individual and group purchase packages (or register offer code):

  • 1 Participant - £59

  • 3 Participants - £169 (£56.33 per person)

  • 6 Participants - £329 (£54.83 per person)

  • 10 Participants - £529 (£52.90 per person)

For more than 10 Participants please call: 02071 128341 or email:

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course, each participant will have explored: 

  • An introduction to mentoring including a review of example definitions of mentoring and guidance for how to create a definition of mentoring for your own community programme. 

  • An exercise for carrying out an initial community analysis. 

  • The various characteristics of a mentor, in particular the skills and qualities that make an effective mentor. 

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills. 

  • An introduction to reflective practice. 

  • Criteria to consider when matching mentors and mentees.