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The Need

For many, the pandemic has destroyed hopes, dreams and aspirations: crippled businesses and enterprises, and given rise to increasing economic inactivity.

‘‘Covid –19 will have added as many as 150million to extreme poor by 2021 worldwide’’ (World Bank 2020).

As voluntary sector organisations are becoming overwhelmed by the challenges of limited resources and the increasing need for their provision, it is clear that in order to survive, they need to adapt quickly. And now, as we are all facing the rippling economic impact, and uncertainty over the next years to come, charities and community groups will need to become more strategic in their approach: in order that they can build bigger, grow stronger and last longer, as they adapt to meet the rapidly changing needs of our communities.

‘’A survey carried out by the NCVO, Nottingham Trent, and Sheffield Hallam universities with 600 voluntary organisations, highlighted that:
  • “Two in five voluntary organisations reported having just six months of reserves left as a result of the pandemic.

  • One third are facing increased costs.

  • 46 per cent of organisations have had to use their cash reserves to cope with the pandemic’s impact.

  • Almost 10 per cent of respondents have no cash reserves or not enough to last them a month.”


Currently Nicodemus has successfully established Flagship Community interventions within Warwickshire, South Yorkshire and London, as well as across Latin America.

Our mission is to deliver specialist voluntary sector training, where we aim to equip frontline practitioners, mobilise communities, and increase resilience, in order to bring about longer-term sustainability.

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