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Community Analysis Course

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Course Description

Your community is essentially your focus. It’s the reason you will be running your project and the reason you are passionate about the work you are doing. To make a difference, understanding your community and the needs is integral to refining, expanding and focusing your work.


The purpose of Community Analysis has a twofold approach. It is about capacity building, to reach your community more effectively but it is also to help you to become funder ready. It may be that your project will require extra funding from outside stakeholders. This course will help you gather all the information you need to write your plan more effectively so that it will be more attractive to potential funders.


We will be covering 5 main topics; 1) identity - identifying the values of your organisation, 2) community - your community needs and the connections that you've got, 3) clarity - having clarity of vision for the project, 4) opportunity- recognising the opportunity that you've got to make a start, and 5) capacity - identifying the capacity to deliver both in the short and the long term.

6 Training videos 

2 Participant digital guides + Glossary

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Training Videos

Introduction to Communuty Analysis


Community needs & connections

Identify your value​